Friday, January 13, 2012

Ta daa!

The last morning in a hospital is very anti climatic.

You have just spent 3 days with these people who have woken you up countless times in the middle of the night, served your beck and call, even rescuing you from the depths of your hellish pain, and I felt that we were forming a very meaningful relationship. But come 6:30 this morning, as i'm in the middles of a beautiful and restful sleep, they are telling me I'm free to go whenever (which meant sooner than later) and that I just have to do a few last checks.

Well, not only did it feel like they were kicking me out, but ruined my plan to get at least one good nights rest and pretend that for a moment, though be it short, I was staying in a hotel, not a hospital.

Luckily the nurses were nice enough to me because either
1. I was fun
2. I didn't ask for much
3. They really just wanted to use my cool new retro phone (which they all love)

After taking my vitals they needed me to take a survey by the nurses station. 
So I hopped up and "walked" over.  
The nurses were all complimenting me on how well I was walking saying 
"Usually people still have a hard time and are pretty slow."

"Really!?  So does that mean they can't do this....."

and that is when I began to tap dance in my boot.


Kristen said...

Please tell me there is video of this! Or at the very least, can you recreate it for me?

Lacey said...

I can see you dancing...

Computer Repair Sacramento said...

with the hospital gown wide open in the back LOL

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