Monday, November 7, 2011

I have a crush...

A celebrity crush.  And i've never been one to have a celebrity crush but for a while now, it's something I can't help.

Oh Ryan Gosling, why do you have to be so averagely good looking?  You're the guy next door but more fit. You are a man who looks at girls with adoration and you even break up fights like a good citizen.

"Dear sister of mine, please get back into contact with your old mission companion who is Ryan Goslings sister and fulfill your mutual plan to set the two of us up!" (true story)

He doesn't need to be with some hottie tottie, high maintenance, naturally beautiful girl who works in the movie industry. He needs to be with someone who appreciates the movie industry, laid back/easy...going and who is naturally average looking......aka ME!  He's too good and kind to be with someone who's in it for the fame and fortune, or themselves. Those girls are over rated and their relationships never last.  I will gladly let him have the spot light while I am at home being the perfect wife and lover he deserves!  wink wink intended!

So go ahead Ryan, finish building that white two story with black shutters and a wrap around porch, I'll be home just as soon as I finish fighting off this girl who has the same crush.

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Lizzie said...

love. it. and I love the letter you linked to. Hilarious!