Monday, September 19, 2011

I'll make this brief

Things I couldn't be bothering with right now:

blind dates
my mom telling me I don't cry
Jury Duty - tomorrow
The lame A who hit my car and his insurance company
running into ex's. (enough already!)

Things I COULD be bothered with:

games on my phone
my new book
another vacation (blog post to come on SC)
a free night
this fall weather
breakfast bike rides
garage sales
a good movie (are there any decent ones out?)
Tomato-palooza!  (blog post also to come)

P.S. for those of you who actually still read this sad excuse for a blog, I have some exciting news...... My parents got their mission call to the Johannesburg, South Africa Temple!  The father figure served his mission there 40 some years ago. At that time they weren't allowed to proselyte so they played on the International basketball team.  His companion was 6'10" and my dad could hit the 3 pts better than Jimmer on a good day- not even kidding. Considering he just retired from a paying job working at a Temple for over 15 years, this will be a great joy for them both.   Congrats to the Parents!

This made me laugh really hard tonight, partly mostly because it's SO TRUE!

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Watsonville said...

FYI, I still read your blog! I love it!